The Extension -To-Cellular feature is available for any digital line upon request and is not enabled for digital campus extensions by default. If you are interested in having this feature enabled or have any questions about call forwarding please feel free to contact the MBL IT Helpdesk.

Enabling/disabling Extension to Cellular from Cell Phone

To Enable Dial 508-289-8002

To Disable Dial 508-289-8003

* You will here brief confirmation tone and the call will disconnect automatically

Enabling/disabling Extension to Cellular from Office Phone

Press the button on your phone labeled “ec500” to enable/disable the Extension-To-Cellular feature from your campus phone.

Extending Call from Office Phone to Cell Phone

You can extend a call you answered on your desk phone to your linked cell phone by pressing the button on your phone labeled “extnd-call”.

Transfer From Cell (Advanced feature may not be supported by all cellular phones)

  1. Place the first call on Hold.
  2. Dial 508-289-8001.
  3. When you hear a dial tone enter the extension to transfer the call to.
  4. After dialing a valid destination, the user may activate the transfer at any time by dropping both calls at the wireless handset simultaneously. That means on some phones the user has to press the hang up key twice within one second. The switch will time the dropping of the calls and treat them as simultaneous if they are dropped within a second of each other.