Voice Mail Setup Instructions

Instructions for setting up your MBL Voice Mailbox for the first time


1. Dial the Voice Mail System:

from On Campus extension 7711

from Off Campus 508-289-7711

2. Enter your four digit extension followed by the pound (#) sign

You will be prompted to Enter your password, followed by the pound (#) sign

3. Enter your temporary system password followed by the pound (#)

You will next be prompted to record your your name which will be included in the system announcements that you and other people will hear.

4. Record your system greeting

Press “1” and clearly speak your first and last name

Press “1” to stop your recording

You can then press “#” to save your message or “1” to re-record your message

5. Choose a new password

You will then be prompted to enter and verify a new password

You are now ready to start using your new MBL Voice Mailbox


Need Help?

Need Help?

Contact the Help Desk by phone at 508-289-7654 or via email at helpdesk@mbl.edu (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., M-F, closed on MBL Holidays).