Rental Equipment List

MBL Course rental equipment list for 2013

Dear MBL Course Directors,

The Information Technology department at the MBL is responsible for your course computer equipment needs.  Below is a list of available rental equipment and pricing for this year.  The rental rate quotes are for a 30 day period and there is a 30 day minimum charge.  If you do not find what you need on the list please contact me and we will review your needs.  In order to assist you with the timely setup of all equipment, please email a list of required equipment by Friday April 5thto

While it will be assumed that no equipment is needed unless an order is submitted by April 5thI would appreciate a confirming email letting me know that nothing is required for your course.
If you are purchasing equipment or need server support you must contact the MBL Systems Administrator at and we will help you configure and support the server.  Shared storage space for each course is available on our servers at no charge.

NOTE:  Windows 7 64 bit will be the default OS for Windows systems but Windows XP 32 bit will be available on a few systems.  The Apple systems will have OS 10.7 installed.   MS Office and an anti-virus application will be loaded on all systems unless you request otherwise.  If Linux is required, Fedora or Ubuntu with Open Office can be loaded as a stand-alone or as a duel boot Win/Linux system.
For the courses that have purchased MATLAB, the toolboxes originally purchased by the course will be installed on the rental systems.

All other applications must be purchased by the course and installed on campus.
The password for the default accounts on all operating systems is:  mblpass

The MBL course equipment rental history from last year will be sent to you.  Please send your order to me in the same format as the historyNote that the list of available equipment changes every year so please review the new list before ordering and try to avoid replying with “same as last year”.

If you expect to keep some equipment beyond the posted end date of the course or expect to return some items before the course end date, please let me know the return date.   Pickup and deliveries will generally take place on Wednesdays.  The course is fiscally responsible for all equipment.  Please try to submit the order in the same format as the history.
Please include in your order:

– the course name
– a quantity for each item
– the room numbers to place them in when they arrive
– the begin and end dates of your rental needs for the equipment


MBL Computer Rental Equipment list for 2013

Tower Apple MacPro QuadCore 2.33Ghz/640GB HD/16GB RAM OS 10.7  $  269.00
Tower Apple MacPro QuadCore 2.8Ghz/320GB HD/8GB RAM OS 10.7  $  209.00
All-In-One Apple iMac Core2Duo 2.66Ghz/320GB HD/4GB RAM/20″ LCD OS 10.7  $  152.00
Laptop Apple MacBook Pro Core2Duo 2.6Ghz/200GB HD/4GB RAM OS 10.7  $  165.00
7 day rate OS 10.7  $  130.00
Tower Dell Optiplex 960 QuadCore 2.66Ghz/ 160HD/8GB RAM Win7/64  $  158.00
Tower Dell PWT7400 QuadCore 2.33Ghz/250GB HD/16GB RAM Win7/64  $  236.00
Tower Dell Optiples GX620 Pentium D 3Ghz/160GB HD/4GB RAM Win XP  $  118.00
Small Desktop Dell Optiplex 990 QuadCore 2.8Ghz/1TB HD/8GB RAM Win7/64  $  165.00
Small Desktop Dell Optiplex 745 Core2Duo 1.86Ghz/500GB HD/4GB RAM Win XP  $  127.00
Laptop Lenovo T400 Core2Duo 2.26Ghz/160GB HD/8GB RM Win7/64  $  155.00
7 day rate  $  115.00
Laptop Dell D-620 Core2Duo 2Ghz/100GB HD/4GB RAM Win XP  $  113.00
7 day rate  $    89.00
17″ LCD Flat Monitor  $     19.00
20″ LCD Flat Monitor  $     24.00
24″ LCD Flat Monitor  $     61.00
23″ Apple Cinema  $   118.00
30″ Apple Cinema  $   183.00
Color HP LaserJet 3700N w/o Toner  $   113.00
Black/White HP LaserJet 4200N w/Toner  $     93.00
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional  INCL.
Microsoft Office 2010 Standard  $     25.00
Microsoft Apple Office 2011 Standard  $     25.00
Microsoft Security Essentials  INCL.
Apple OS 10.7  INCL.
Latest Adobe Reader  INCL.
ClamX AV for Mac  INCL.
Open Office for Linux  INCL.
Dual Boot Windows 7/Linux Ubuntu or Fedora  INCL.
Firewire Card  $       8.00
Dual Serial Ports  $       8.00


  • Rates include the following:  delivery and pick up once a week (Wednesdays).  Exceptions to pickup day are allowed with a one week notice. Rentals will be loaded with Microsoft Office.  Windows 7, with latest updates, will be the default Operating System on all Windows platform systems with 8GB RAM unless otherwise directed by MBL.  All Apple Systems will have OS 10.7, with latest updates installed.
  • All systems Windows systems will have Microsoft Security Essentials installed and ClamXav on the OSX based machines.
  • MBL is responsible for the equipment from the time it reaches their site, until it is picked up by Rush Computer Rentals, or is received at a Rush Computer Rentals facility.  Rush Computer Rentals will visually verify equipment for physical damages and missing accessories at the time of pickup, however, customer will be responsible for any internal damage or missing accessories, which may not be identified until the equipment is checked and tested at a Rush Computer Rentals facility.  All shipments and deliveries made via common carrier will be FOB destination.


Need Help?

Need Help?

Contact the Help Desk by phone at 508-289-7654 or via email at (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., M-F, closed on MBL Holidays).