Telecommunications Policy

Policy No. H.2.6

Information Systems

Marine Biological Laboratory

Telecommunications Policy

Initiated by:                               Director, Information Systems Division

Approved by:                             MBL Computer Advisory Committee, MBL Director/CEO

Date:                                        February 1, 1996

Revision:                                   July 23, 2001

Distribution:                              MBL Community

1.0    Policy Statement:

The MBL offers one phone and one single line phone outlet, and data network access in

scientific laboratories and office space. Requests for reconfiguration of drops and/or

telephone connections will be charged back to the requesting cost centers, grants and/or

contracts. Current charge rates can be obtained in the ISD office.

2.0   Procedures:

Computers, network cards for computers and additional special function phones are the

responsibility of the individual occupying the space.

2.1    Requests for additional, non-standard phones or network connections should be

supported by the requestor.

2.2    No devices can be connected to the MBLnet without consultation with and approval

of the ISD Network Manager.

3.0   Policy Updates:

Policy clarification and updates are available from the Information Systems Division.