Video Conferencing

MBL offers several options for Video Conferencing and Collaboration


Vidyo is MBL’s top tier video conferencing offering. Vidyo allows users to make point-to-point or multipoint videoconference calls from virtually anywhere using almost any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphones equipped with a camera, microphone and speakers. Although VidyoDesktop is simple enough for anyone to use and can be insatalled on any computer we also offer more powerful and fully equipped Vidyo meeting rooms in Lillie 100A, Lillie 103 and Candle House 104 conference rooms. Once you have an account a user can invite guests from anywhere to join a meeting.


Webex is an on-demand collaboration tool that provides web conferencing and online meetings services. It has an easy-to-use interface that you can use to meet online with colleagues to discuss work and share files and applications in real-time. WebEx can be easily accessed using almost any Apple or PC computers. Webex only functions with other people using Webex. To request a Webex meeting please contect Multimedia at ext. 7771.


Polycom is a videoconference platform that is available in multiple locations at the MBL including Speck Auditorium and Loeb G-70. Multimedia also has two mobile Polycom carts for use in most other locations. The Polycom videoconference systems allow users to make point-to-point or multipoint videoconference calls with content sharing to other parties using enterprise level video conference equipment.