Lecture Capture, Live Streaming and Web Hosting.

Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that lets instructors digitally record their lectures (including audio,  video and content from your computer) and make those recordings available to students, colleagues or the general public. Recordings can be published onto videocenter.mbl.edu where your audience can view them along with navigation features to best fit their needs.

By using our powerful LifeSize video conferencing equipment Multimedia can connect to any video conference unit here at MBL or at a remote location off campus to capture audio, video and shared content for your meetings, events and conferences. As part of our suite of classroom technology services we provide live streaming or on-demand streaming to the web for distance learning, supplemental class instruction, live events, important guest speakers and more.

If you would like to arrange lecture capture services please contact Multimedia for details at ext. 7771 or open a ticket with Help Desk and we will contact you to discuss your needs and the capabilities of our facilities. Lecture capture, streaming and hosting content must be arranged  48 hours in advance.