Julie Huber to lead research vessel Falkor cruise

October 1st, 2013 @

Julie Huber is tweeting/blogging from a deep sea expedition she’s leading in the Pacific Ocean. The ship is providing a live video feed from the seafloor during ROV dives at www.schmidtocean.org. In addition, the team is tweeting #SubseafloorLife with Huber posting from @JulesDeep and the Schmidt Ocean Institute from @SchmidtOcean. (We are following along @MBLScience!)

Yuko Hasegawa awarded her Ph.D.

December 28th, 2012 @

Yuko Hasegawa’s doctoral research focused on developing a new imaging technique to see how microbial communities are organized, particularly inside the body. Her technique allows one to distinguish up to 11 different types of microbes in one fluorescence image, which led her to investigate the spatial distributions of bacterial cells in the gut of mice […]