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Senior Scientist D Patterson established the Bioidiversity Informatics group at the MBL with its flagship role of establishing the informatics environment for the Encyclopedia of Life.  The group attracts further support from the Ellison Medical Foundation to use the informatics infrastructure to develop a macroscope and tools to assist investigations of aging.

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The first Northeast Mobile DNA meeting organized by the Mobile Genetic Element Cluster took place on April 13-15, 2007, in Woods Hole, MA. It featured 16 talks and 12 poster presentations, and attracted about 40 participants from 8 states, including PIs, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students. The opening lecture was presented by Matthew Meselson, the recipient of the 2004 Lasker Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science.

The Cluster also celebrated the Mobile DNA Month in Woods Hole in September 2007 by hosting two seminars presented by leading mobile DNAresearchers:9/21/2007 Marlene Belfort, Ph.D.

NYS Dept. of Health, Wadsworth Center for Medical Sciences Adjunct Scientist, Josephine Bay Paul Center, MBL "Genetic Invaders: Introns as retrotransposons" 9/28/2007 Daniel F. Voytas, Ph.D.Iowa State University Transposable elements and genome organization: the influence of chromatin on retrotransposon target specificity.

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