David Mark Welch, Interim Director of the Division of Research,
Director of the Josephine Bay Paul Center, Senior Scientist
Irina Arkhipova, Associate Scientist
Kristin Gribble, Assistant Scientist
Jessica Mark Welch, Associate Scientist
Hilary G. Morrison, Senior Scientist
Mitch Sogin, Distinguished Scientist

Whitman Scientists

Marlene Belfort, College of Arts & Sciences University at Albany
Gary Borisy, Forsyth Institute
Robert Campbell, Brown University
Colleen Cavanaugh, Harvard University
Robert Haselkorn, University of Chicago
Susan Huse, Symbiota Plant Microbiology
Lois Maignien, University of Western Brittany
Matthew Meselson, Harvard University
Anton Post, University of Rhode Island, Coastal Resources Center
Gretta Serres, Cape Cod Community College
Sheri Simmons, Monsanto Company
Harold Zakon, University of Texas at Austin

MBL Fellows

Linda Amaral Zettler, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
A. Murat Eren, University of Chicago
Jack Gilbert, University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory
Julie Huber, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Research Associate

Fernando Rodriguez, Research Associate

Research Fellow

Eric Edsinger, Research Fellow

Postdoctoral Scientists

Caroline Fortunato, Postdoctoral Scientist
Tabita Ramirez Pueblao, Postdoctoral Scientist
Irina Yushenova, Postdoctoral Scientist

Visiting Scientists

Nicholas Dragone, SEA Education Association


Jeremy Rice, Scientific Informatics Analyst
Anna Shipunova, Scientific Informatics Analyst
Andy Voorhis, Informatics Developer I

Graduate Students

Sarabeth George, MBL/Brown Graduate Student
Nora Richter, MBL/Brown Graduate Student

Research Staff

Erin Berry, Research Assistant II
Amelia Brumbaugh, Research Assistant II
Emily Corey, Research Assistant I
Bette Hecox-Lea, Research Assistant III
Hege Lizarralde, Research Assistant I
Leslie Murphy, Research Assistant III
Jennifer Polinski, Research Assistant II
Joe Vineis, Senior Research Assistant


Evie Gomes, Center Coordinator
Richard Fox, Systems Administrator