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Robert Campbell
Associate Adjunct Scientist
p: 508 289 7408
f: 508 457 4727

Dr. Robert K. Campbell is an Adjunct Associate Scientist in the Josephine Bay Paul Center at the Marine Biological Laboratory. He also has an appointment as a Visiting Scientist at Brown University in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology. In addition to these academic appointments Dr. Campbell is a Director in External Innovation at EMD Serono.

Dr. Campbell is a molecular cell biologist by training, with extensive research experience in physiology and genomics. He is broadly interested in the organization and function of biological systems, their vertical and horizontal integration, and mechanisms that facilitate innovation and adaptation during their evolution. The focus is on regulation of metabolism, growth, and differentiation at different scales of biology (molecular, cellular, organismal, and population). A key goal is to improve understanding of how events at one scale influence events and outcomes at other scales. Results from Dr. Campbell’s academic research have contributed to novel protein engineering strategies, a comprehensive database of parasite drug targets, and new drug repurposing projects for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

As a research scientist and executive in the biopharmaceutical industry Dr. Campbell worked on the successful development of medicines used to treat infectious diseases, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, heart failure, high cholesterol, infertility, and metabolic disorders. He has worked at all stages of drug discovery and development, from identification of targets and candidate molecules to clinical proof of concept, registration studies, regulatory approval, and product launch.

In addition to his research in academia and industry, Dr. Campbell created the graduate level bioinformatics course "Drug Discovery and Development" in the Rabb School Bioinformatics program at Brandeis University. He is extending the course content to cover translational and clinical genomics, and is authoring with Wiley the first edition textbook "Drug Discovery and Bioinformatics, Translational Approaches and Applications". This project will focus on the challenge of predictions and uncertainty, build from the practices of the scientific method and good data analysis, and draw upon Dr. Campbell’s deep experience in the field.

Current federal funding is from NIH-NIAID (Target Validation for Sleeping Sickness). Future grants include the renewal application for this NIH project, due July 5 (5 years, $1.5M). Private funding included three years of start-up funding from EMD Serono, and a current award from the Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation public-private partnership to support Neglected Tropical Disease drug discovery.

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