Huber Lab

Julie Huber
Associate Director of the BPC
Associate Scientist

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Lab News

September 24, 2014: Discovering the Deep Sea with Julie Huber and C-DEBI Take a look at the eye-popping, deep-sea exploration footage in this video about the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI). MBL Blog

August 7-20 2014: Julie, Chris, and Caroline are at sea for their Moore Foundation
project studying subseafloor life at Axial Seamount. Follow the cruise on twitter @JulesDeep, #SubseafloorLife

June 2014: Julie Huber: Explorer of Deep-Sea Microbial Life. First in a series of MBL scientists profiles by Geoff Wyman. Check out the YouTube video on the MBL Blog

March 2014: Former postdoc Julie Meyer and Julie Huber publish a paper in The ISME Journal about genomic variation in subseafloor isolates from an underwater volcano.

Jan 2014: Julie is featured in this story in the Boston Globe about the Schmidt Ocean Institute and her 2013 cruise aboard their ship R/V Falkor to Axial Seamount with support from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Jan 2014: New paper with Postdoc Chris Algar and Julie Huber in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences about using genomic data in biogeochemical models.

Jan 2014: New paper with Postdoc Julie Reveillaud and Julie Huber in The ISME Journal about host-specificity in sponge symbionts. Read a press release about the paper here.

Jan 2014: Julie was named the new Associate Director of the NSF STC C-DEBI. Read about it here!

Lab Personnel

Angus Angermeyer
MBL/Brown Graduate Student
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Julie Reveillaud
Postdoctoral Scientist
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Emily Reddington
Research Assistant II
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Caroline Fortunato
Postdoctoral Scientist
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Former Lab Members:

Chris Algar, Dalhouise University

Nuria Fernandez-Gonzalez, currently at Brown University

Nancy Akerman, currently at EPA

Julie Meyer, currently at University of Florida

Holly Cantin

Ouafae Rafie