Yuko Hasegawa awarded her Ph.D.

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Yuko Hasegawa’s doctoral research focused on developing a new imaging technique to see how microbial communities are organized, particularly inside the body. Her technique allows one to distinguish up to 11 different types of microbes in one fluorescence image, which led her to investigate the spatial distributions of bacterial cells in the gut of mice […]

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Systems-level analysis of microbial community organization through combinatorial labeling and spectral imaging

→  December 7th, 2012  →  Updates from projects

Valm, Alex M., Jessica L. Mark Welch, Christopher W. Rieken, Yuko Hasegawa, Mitchell L. Sogin, Rudolf Oldenbourg, Floyd E. Dewhirst, and Gary G. Borisy (USA) 108: 4152-4157 Bacteria in nature live not as isolated cells, but as members of a community in which many different kinds of bacteria live intermingled in complex associations. The spatial […]

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