April 17, 2014

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Our Story
Rowboat“Seventeen biologists and a rowboat” launch the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole – following the dictum of Louis Agassiz to “study nature, not books.”

Learn how you can support the MBL’s research and educational programs.

Lewis Thomas, author of The Lives of a Cell, called the Marine Biological Laboratory, “the uniquely national center for biology in this country.”

MBL Associates
The MBL Associates provides an important link between the MBL and the public, and welcomes for membership anyone interested in the laboratory’s work and development.

MBL Society Membership
Scientists who have participated in the Marine Biological Laboratory’s educational or research programs are invited to apply for membership in the MBL Society.

The Marine Biological Laboratory offers a variety of career opportunities, ranging from the biological, ecological, and marine research sciences to administrative and technical positions.