April 21, 2014

Lillie Awards FAQ

  1. Are there overhead costs associated with this award?
    No overhead will be charged to this award.  However, scientists will be charged for space at the MBL, which can be paid through the grant or other sources.

  2. Do the funds have to be evenly distributed between year 1 and year 2 of the award?
    Yes, the funds need to be split evenly for the duration of the award.

  3. Can I submit more than one application if I have more than one collaborator that I could work with?
    Yes, but you must submit a fully executed application with each new collaborator.  You cannot refer back to other applications.

  4. Can the award be used to buy out teaching commitments at my home institution so that I can spend time doing research at the MBL?

  5. What is your policy regarding visas for foreign researchers?
    Applicants who are not US citizens or resident aliens must hold a valid J-1 visa.  Applicants should contact MBL office of foreign nationals (jmacneil@mbl.edu) for guidance and not rely on visa advice from their current institution.

  6. Should the application follow NIH guidelines such as margins, format, etc.
    Yes, please follow NIH guidelines as you complete your application.

  7. If you are a member of the MBL resident scientist program do you need to include laboratory rental costs?

  8. Must the research be physically conducted at the MBL?

  9. Can salary be requested?

  10. Will carry forward of unspent funds from Y1 to Y2 be allowed?

  11. Are sub-awards to other institutions allowed?

  12. What are the reporting requirements?  When are they due?
    A one page report is due at the end of year one and summary of work and budget is due at the end of year two.

  13. Do we need to submit a current and pending statement?

  14. Is the award given to the home institution of the PI and then that home institution is responsible for administering the money like a traditional grant?
    The MBL is considered the home institution so the money stays at the MBL and gets used for the grantees’ expenses from an MBL account assigned to the grantee.