April 21, 2014

The Neuroscience Institute of MBL: Neuroscience Seminars

Speck Auditorium, 8:00 PM, unless otherwise noted. Lectures are free and open to the public.
Date: Event:
06/04/12 Michael Rosbash Professor of Neuroscience, Brandeis University; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator – “Circadian Rhythms: Molecules, Neurons, and Circuits”
06/11/12 Gina Turrigiano Professor of Biology, Brandeis University – “Genomics and Synaptic Homeostasis”
06/18/12 Amita Sehgal, Professor of Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine/Howard Hughes Medical Institute – “Neurobiology and Genetic Dissection of Sleep”
06/25/12 Matt Wilson, Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – “Hippocampal memory reactivation during sleep and wakefulness”
07/02/12 Florian Engert, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
07/09/12 Jeremy Dittman, Weill Cornell Medical College – “How does complexin stop synaptic vesicles from fusing?”
07/16/12 Massey Lecture – Ben Barres, Professor in Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, and Opthamology, Stanford University – “The Mystery and Magic of Glia”
07/23/12 Baldomero Olivera, Distinguished Professor of Biology, University of Utah – “Using Deadly Cone Snails to Understand Nervous Systems”
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