Membership in the MBL Society: Eligibility

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Eligibility & Dues:
Members of the MBL Society shall, in general, be selected from among persons who have participated in the educational or research programs of the Laboratory. The categories for membership and the dues are listed below:

Student – $25
Student applicants must submit a letter verifying status in good standing in a Ph.D., M.D., D.V.M., or other suitable graduate program and must have been at the MBL at least once (summer or off-season) in an official capacity (e.g., student in a course, assistant in a research laboratory). Student members may not vote.

Beginning Investigator – $50
A scientist who has received a Ph.D. or equivalent degree within the past five years and has been at the MBL at least once in an official capacity (e.g., course student or faculty, investigator, Library Reader).

Regular – $100
In general, a scientist who has earned a Ph.D., M.D., D.V.M. or equivalent degree, has been at the MBL at least once in an official capacity, and who has demonstrated a capacity for sustained scientific or educational productivity.

Emeritus – No dues
A person who has been a member of the MBL Society for at least 10 years and has retired. An emeritus member cannot run for Science Council.

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