MBL Club

2016 MBL Club Season: Closing for the season on Friday, August 26

Since 1919 the MBL Club has served as a summer recreation center for the Woods Hole community. This summer, once again, we invite you to join in the festivities and the traditions at the Club.

Please use the links at the left to find more information about our activities.

Movie Night is done for the season. Thank you all who attended, and we look forward to resuming next year!

2016 MBL Club Fees

MBL Student: $30
Single: $65
Couple: $95
Family: $150
Grandparents: $170
Patron: $250

Please sign up for your membership at the door during an event, or visit MBL Club Coordinator Rachel Buhler in the Communications Office located at 127 Water Street, Woods Hole. Office: 508.289.7623.