April 24, 2014

Special Events

Please check back in spring 2014 for an updated schedule and like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/mblclub.
All events will be held at the MBL Club located at 100 Water Street, Woods Hole, unless otherwise noted.

2013 Special Events included:

ce_2007 Coastal Explorers Seashore Science Course – Join our experienced educators for a two-day seashore adventure at the renowned Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole this summer. Children ages 4, 5, and are invited to learn about native species of fish and invertebrates at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium and MBL Marine Resources Center, and participate in related hands-on art projects and musical activities. Sessions run July 9 – August 15.
DSCN0886 Ecology of Sound with Ricardo Frota - Ricardo Frota entertains and educates with multi-cultural songs from indigenous peoples around the world, using traditional rhythm instruments as well as instruments made of recycled and natural found objects. Join us for an interactive presentation of African, South American, Native American, and Brazilian music. All ages welcome. Wednesday, July 10. Members, Free. Guests, Adults $8, Children $5.
flag July 4, Noon – Independence Day Parade - The Parade will begin near The Woods Hole School and will end at the Waterfront Park where the MBL Club will serve free watermelon and refreshments to the public. Thursday, July 4. Free!
magic Magic Show with Christopher Bolter – Christopher Bolter is returning to the MBL Club this summer to perform his hysterical magic show. Bolter has been a professional magician, mentalist, and entertainer for over 15 years and promises an action-packed and incredible show! Chris has been called “Ridiculously Entertaining” and “Absolutely Amazing” by reviewers, and performs around the country for an impressive celebrity clientele. Wednesday, July 31. Members, Free. Guests, Adults $8, Children $5.
birdsofprey Birds of Prey Raptor Show – Marla Isaac, of New England Reptile and Raptor, returns to the MBL Club again this summer for a birds of prey exhibit. Marla will illustrate the lives of these “aerial hunters” through a discussion of the natural history, biology, adaptations, habitats, poaching, falconry and the management of these animals in the wild and how the laws and regulations protect them. Birds included in this exhibit will be a Turkey vulture, Red tailed hawk, Red shouldered hawk, Osprey, Barn owl, Barred owl, Falcon and Great horn owl. For more information, visit www.nereptilebirdsofprey.com. Wednesday, July 3. Members, free. Guests, Adults $8, Children $5.
jacskson_burst “Once Upon a Tide” with Jackson Gillman – Join Jackson Gillman for a rollicking mix of song, movement, and story that is guaranteed to delight, educate and enchant all ages. Jackson magically transforms himself into a wide variety of characters through his many talents of mime, actor, songsmith, and storyteller. For this show, he will draw on his fishy repertoire from the sandy beach to the briny deep. For more information, please visit www.jacksongillman.com. Wednesday, July 24. Members, free. Guests, Adults $8, Children $5.
 talentShowLogo-small Talent Show & Ice Cream SocialJoin us to celebrate the 125th anniversary of MBL with a Talent Show at the MBL Club. Please email your name and act to be a part of this extravaganza. Wednesday, August 7, 7-8:30PM. Free to performers; Guests $3.
MBLdiscovery44 Fish Stories and T-Shirt Printing -  Learn interesting facts and stories about fish and then use them to decorate a T-shirt! Please bring your own T-shirts. A part of Discovery Day, Wednesday, July 17, 3-5:30PM.