Marine Resources Center Use & Access Policies

July, 2012

Access to the facility is provided via the MBL ID Card system.  This access is a special privilege for those using the facilities: it is not automatically provided to the general MBL community with the MBL Card.

The building is open from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. during weekdays, and the Tank Room is open from 7:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Access after hours is provided through the MBL ID Card to authorized users only – please contact Dave Remsen for privileged access (508) 289-7477 or

When entering the front door or tank room door after hours, do not let anyone else in unless you are absolutely certain they work at and have authorization (via their MBL ID Card) to enter the Marine Resources Center. Course students will be let in by the course instructor for after hours classes. Do not compromise the security of the building, or your own safety, by letting “tailgaters” in.

To enhance personal security when you are working alone in your lab or office at night or on weekends, make a point of making yourself known to others who are also working in the building.

Those who require an interior key to an office or lab will be assigned a key by the Manager of the MRD. Do not lend this key to anyone or have it replicated. Each key is numbered and assigned on an individual basis and must be returned upon leaving for the summer or departing the MBL.

Many of you enjoy coming to the first floor tank room to view the variety of live marine animals in our facility. We always encourage this activity but ask you to please honor the following guidelines when you visit:

1. Restrict your visit to the front section of the tank room (do not venture beyond the large oval squid tanks) and do not put your hands in the water or adjust any water lines. In particular, please do not enter the distant 2/3 of the tank room because these are active research projects and those animals should not be disturbed. We have placed yellow cones as reminders not to enter these areas, and we ask that you please honor this limitation.

2. The MBL Communications Office runs daily tours in the summer and these include the Marine Resources Center. This is a well organized and worthwhile experience and we encourage you to call the Communications Office (x7423) to participate in a tour, or to schedule one for your group.

3. If you are interested in seeing more details of the MRD seawater systems, or knowing more about the aquatic research projects, please contact Dave Remsen, Manager of the MRD, at x7477.

Two kitchens are available for the use by personnel in the building. These areas are for eating, drinking, and socializing. A fundamental principle of lab safety is to avoid the use of chemicals in any area where food is prepared or consumed. Please refrain from using the kitchens for ANY research activities, even activities that may seem harmless. Our kitchens are closely monitored to ensure compliance with this policy.

Both the first floor Tank Room and the second floor Mariculture Room have special lighting procedures for night-time use. If you will be utilizing these facilities during evening hours, please see the Marine Resources Department (MRD) Manager, Dave Remsen, in MRC-316 or x7477 for a briefing on night-lighting procedures.

Each user of the facility must provide for their own needs. Do not touch, alter, borrow or otherwise interfere with anything, including organisms, tools, equipment, supplies, or anything related to other areas within the facility.

Check your tank(s) and animals daily to ensure their good health, unless you have made specific arrangements with MRD staff to check them for you. Do not alter tank arrangements or water flow to any tank including your own if there is potential to affect other research areas in series with yours.