Veterinary Services

The animal health division of the MBL is responsible for the health of both aquatic and terrestrial species of animals held at the MBL. We provide animal information, routine veterinary care and respond to animal health problems throughout the MBL. Questions about care, housing, disease, appropriate animal models, handling, etc. can be addressed. We also offer fee-based veterinary clinical and veterinary pathological research consultation.

Our facilities consist of:

  • Mammalian animal housing
  • Dr. Amy Hancock’s office, MRC 311
  • Clinical laboratory, MRC 206

Veterinary consultation is provided at the request of the investigator or their technicians. Veterinary consultation services are also provided to organizations not affiliated with the MBL. Services provided are heath certifications, veterinary clinical services (not provided as part of the routine MBL animal care) and veterinary pathological services. Charges for commonly requested consultation services are listed below.

Consultation services can be provided as a “fee for service ” at $72/hour plus supplies. Veterinary consultations services can also be provided as subcontracts to P.I.s as part of their grant submission. Consultations can be arranged by contacting Dr. Amy Hancock or (508) 289-7522.

Animal Health Evaluations

  1. Zebrafish
    Gross and Histolgical examination of 5 fish $400
    Gross examination of five fish $150
  2. Horseshoe Crabs
    Gross examination of 10 animals $75
  3. Fundulus sp.
    Gross examination of 5 fish $100
  4. Fish Health evalution
    Cost depends on size and tests requested, please contact Dr. Hancock for details.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Before any vertebrate animal is used in research at the MBL, a protocol for its usage must be approved by the IACUC. Protocol forms can be obtained from the IACUC web site. Any questions concerning filling out protocols, current protocol status, or post-approval modifications can be addressed to either Dr. Alan Kuzirian (IACUC Chairman) or to Dr. Amy Hancock (MBL Veterinarian).


For further information contact:
Amy Hancock, VMD at: (508) 289-7522 | E-mail: