Volunteer Opportunities

The Marine Resources facility functions as a national center for the development and use of aquatic organisms in biomedical research, basic biological research, aquaculture, and fisheries science. It hosts research and service programs that take advantage of the local marine fauna, the facility’s unique seawater and engineering capabilities, and provides excellent research opportunities for the large number of visiting and resident scientists in the Woods Hole community.¬†Volunteer opportunities are occasionally offered to adults at least eighteen year of age who are available to meet the minimum time commitment of the advertised positions currently available, and described in detail below:

Animal Husbandry
The MRC maintains over one hundred species of marine and freshwater organisms used for research purposes. Volunteers are needed to help maintain these organisms using the best possible animal husbandry techniques. The position will include observing and feeding the many different species of animals, cleaning and siphoning the holding tanks, performing simple colormetric water tests as needed and assisting with disease diagnosis and treatments. No prior experience is necessary. A minimum of two mornings per week is required. Volunteers are expected to commit for at least a three month period.  For more information contact David Remsen at 508-289-7477, dremsen@mbl.edu.

MBL has an excellent cadre of docents who provide tours of the MBL campus to the general public. Because the Marine Resources facility is one of the most popular buildings at the MBL for visitors, the MBL would like to develop a specialized group of docents to assist staff in providing tours of the facility. Docent volunteers would participate in the general MBL docent training that is held each spring, but would also receive additional in-depth training about the science and services that are unique to the Marine Resources Center. MRC docents will learn about specific research projects that MRC scientists are currently involved with and the marine models that are being used, the state-of-the-art aquatic facilities that reside within the MRC, the aquatic animals and organisms that are collected and cultured here, and the history of this unique building. Docent volunteers will be utilized on an as-needed basis to assist the facilities manager and other staff members for special events and tours. Minimum time commitment will be 10 hours for training, and 6 hours per month for tours. (With the possibility of more tours in the summer and less in the winter.) Potential volunteers must feel comfortable dealing with, and speaking to, the public, and be at ease around marine and aquatic animals. For more information contact Susan Joslin at 508-289-7281, sjoslin@mbl.edu.