April 16, 2014

MBL Announces Organizational Changes to Further Support Research and Education


October 25, 2013—To support the Marine Biological Laboratory’s mission of discovery and innovation, the MBL will appoint two new deputy directors to strengthen direct oversight of research and administration at the lab. Jonathan Gitlin has been named the MBL’s Deputy Director of Research and Programs, effective October 25, 2013.  Gitlin, who currently serves as the […]

Grasshopper Mice have Evolved Neurons that Block the Painful Sting of the Bark Scorpion

The grasshopper mouse and its prey, the bark scorpion. Credit: University of Texas at Austin

Contacts: Lee Clippard; clippard@austin.utexas.edu; 512-232-0675 Ashlee Rowe; roweashl@msu.edu; 517-432-4468 Austin, TEXAS—Bark scorpions are well known for inflicting intensely painful, potentially lethal stings. But grasshopper mice respond to the bark scorpion’s sting by grooming for only a few seconds before pressing their attack, voraciously killing and consuming the scorpion. How the mouse manages to defend itself […]

Where are the Wild Things? On the Role of Animals in Global Climate Change

White-tailed deer grazing. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Contacts: Diana Kenney, Marine Biological Laboratory dkenney@mbl.edu, 508-289-7139 Kevin Dennehy, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies kevin.dennehy@yale.edu, 203-436-4842   WOODS HOLE, Mass.—Only two kinds of animals regularly pop up in climate change research: microorganisms and human beings. Both release carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere as part of their daily routines—microbes […]

Lindsay Brin Graduates from Brown-MBL Program

Dr. Lindsay Brin

Congratulations to Brown-MBL student Lindsay Brin, who successfully defended her PhD dissertation in September at Brown University. Brin conducted her doctoral research in the labs of Brown Assistant Professor Jeremy Rich and MBL Ecosystems Center Senior Scientist Anne Giblin. She was enrolled in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown. Brin’s research focused […]

Marine Biological Laboratory Trustees Elect Three New Members

Printable version (pdf) Contact: Gina Hebert 508-289-7725; ghebert@mbl.edu MBL, WOODS HOLE, MA—The Trustees of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) elected three new members at their meeting on August 2.  They are David A. Greene, University of Chicago; Eric D. Isaacs, Argonne National Laboratory; and John W. McCarter, Jr., The Field Museum. “Our new Trustees bring […]

Built for Efficiency, Not Speed: Scientists Discover New Propulsive Mechanism in Jellyfish

Moon jellyfish (aurelia aurita), processed data from high speed recordings showing the structure of the vortex. Courtesy of Brad Gemmell.

Contact: Diana Kenney, Marine Biological Laboratory 508-289-7139; dkenney@mbl.edu MBL, WOODS HOLE, Mass.—Jellyfish may not be fast, but they are one of the most efficient propulsors on the planet—which is why they can “bloom” and overrun an ecosystem by outcompeting much swifter predators like fish, Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) visiting scientists report this week. “It seems […]

University of Chicago and MBL Announce Lillie Awards for Novel Collaborations


MBL’s Julie Huber to Lead Research Expedition to Deep-Sea Volcano

Location of Axial Seamount and its Regional Scale Node (RSN), part of the Ocean Observatories Initiative’s cabled observatory network.  Image credit: Regional Scale Nodes, University of Washington.

Printable version (pdf) Contact: Gina Hebert 508-289-7725, ghebert@mbl.edu Woods Hole, MA –MBL (Marine Biological Laboratory) microbial oceanographer Julie Huber will lead a national team of scientists on a deep-sea expedition to Axial Seamount, an active volcano 300 miles off the Oregon coast. The researchers are seeking to better understand the vast diversity of marine microbial […]

@MBL: Spring Forward


2013 MBL Employee Picnic

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.37.37 AM

The annual Employee Picnic, sponsored by the MBL Activities Committee and Sodexo, took place this week under sunny skies. A slideshow of some snapshots is here: