Update Your Browser!

Update Your Web Browser by Nov. 30 to Continue Using eRA Commons, ASSIST, IAR & iEdison

eRA is strengthening the security of its modules on November 30 by moving to the ‘https only’ secure connection for websites, as mandated for all federal agencies. With the implementation of this security protocol, older internet browsers may not work, and you may need to update your browser to access any eRA module, including eRA Commons, ASSIST, IAR and iEdison.

An October 26 eRA email bulletin lists the web browsers and versions that will continue to work after the security upgrade. While these versions will continue to work past November 30, for an optimal experience when using eRA modules, we encourage you to use the browsers and software versions listed in the eRA browser compatibility statement. (Note that eRA uses Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer to develop and test its modules for browser compatibility.)

Originally posted on October 31, 2016 by