Important Information for NSF-IOS Core Programs Pre-proposal Submissions

Some PIs applying to the NSF-IOS core programs are having problems uploading the “Collab & Other Affiliations” (COA) template to the single copy documents in Fastlane during pre-proposal submission.  If you experience difficulties, the following remedies are suggested:

  1. When you save the COA template with the new file name containing your last name and the NSF proposal id, make sure that the active sheet is the ‘Collab & Other Affiliations” tab.
  2. Upload the excel file to ‘Single Copy Documents’
  3. Check the PDF conversion to make sure that the ‘Collab & Other Affiliations’ is properly displayed.

If this does not work, you can convert the excel file to a PDF prior to uploading it into single copy documents.


For Windows users:

  1. With the file open to the tab “Collab & Other Affiliations’ use the ‘Save As’ function.  Choose PDF in the ‘Save as Type’ dropdown button.  Under Options, choose ‘Active sheet(s)’. Then click on Save.  Upload the resulting PDF to the single copy documents in Fastlane.


  1. You can also use the ‘Export’ function.  With the file open to the tab “Collab & Other Affiliations” use the Export function.  Choose ‘Create PDF/XPS document’, then the ‘Save as PDF’ option. Then click on ‘Publish’.  Upload the resulting PDF to the single copy documents in Fastlane.


For MAC users:

  1. Use the ‘Print’ function to generate a PDF of the file.  With the tab ‘Collab & Other Users’ as the Active sheet, choose the ‘Print’ function.  Choose portrait as the orientation. Select ‘Print Active Sheets’, select the button for ‘Scale to Fit’, then choose ‘Save as PDF’ on the lower left of the page. Enter the file name and choose Save.


Download URL for the COA template:

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