Program in Sensory Physiology and Behavior

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The MBL's Program in Sensory Physiology and Behavior was inaugurated in July 2012 and focuses on research in vision, balance and hearing. Researchers use marine or aquatic model organisms (cephalopods, fishes, turtles) to take advantage of the unique seawater facilities and the microscopy and imaging centers at the MBL. A central goal of this program is to synergize the multiple campus activities in sensory biology and neuroscience into a cohesive group with extensive intellectual exchange, seminars, lab and student exchanges year-round, and a bioinformatics and outreach component. We strive to integrate the Woods Hole and MBL summer activities in sensory/behavioral/neuroscience research and education with our year-round Program.

Our core faculty have active collaborations with 11 other faculty from 9 institutions locally, nationally and internationally. We encourage colleagues to conduct their sabbaticals within our Program, and when appropriate, to send their students and postdoctoral fellows to work within our laboratories.



Recent Publications

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