October 7, 2015

FAQs on MBL-UChicago/Argonne Collaboration Awards

1. What expenses can be covered by the Award? Funds can cover MBL faculty salaries and fringe benefits, reagents, supplies, sequencing and core facility costs, computational expenses, central microscopy services, travel, MBL housing and meals, publication costs and other items in direct support of your project.

2. What expenses cannot be covered by the Award? Student stipends, UChicago faculty salaries, indirect costs, publications costs, and registration expenses for scientific meetings cannot be covered by Award funds.

3. Who is eligible for an Award? Applications must come from a collaborative group consisting of at least one UChicago or Argonne faculty member and one MBL Resident Research Scientist (Track I or Track II) and may include other scientific members of the MBL community.

4. Should the application follow NIH guidelines such as margins, format, etc.? Applications are to be submitted using the web-based application form found at http://www.mbl.edu/research/research-awards/collaboration-awards-application/. Specific formatting instructions are provided on this site.

5. Must the research be physically conducted at the MBL? No, it can be conducted anywhere as long as the applicants are eligible as described in #3 above.

6. Is the award given to the home institution of the PI and then that home institution is responsible for administering the money like a traditional grant? No, the MBL is considered the home institution so the money stays at the MBL.

7. Do I need to submit a current and pending support statement? No.

8. How long do I have to use these funds? One year.

9. What are the reporting requirements? Within a month of the award ending, you will be required to provide the Office of Research & Programs with a two-page summary of your completed work including the impact on the affiliation.

10. Where can I get additional information? Contact Office of Research Administration & Programs, researchprograms@mbl.edu

11. How late can we submit the application on the due date? 11:59 p.m. EST