Grass Foundation Fellowships


The Grass Foundation makes available fellowships for summer research in neuro-physiology at the MBL to investigators at early stages in their careers. The Grass Foundation seeks to encourage independent research by investigators early in their career and to increase research opportunities for persons trained for careers in neurobiological investigation. The normal tenure is fourteen weeks. The number of fellowships awarded varies annually. Click here for more information on the Grass Foundation Fellowship program.


Dame Frances Ashcroft, FMedSci, FRS
Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics, University of Oxford


Karina Alvina

Texas Tech University

Stress modulation of NMDA receptor function in the mouse hippocampus 

Jennifer Bestman

College of Charleston

The role of mitochondria in the control of experience-dependent cell proliferation in the brain

Alexander Chamessian

Duke University School of Medicine

Deciphering pain and itch circuits in the spinal dorsal horn

Nathan Harris

University of California, San Francisco

Temperature induced plasticity of motoneuron transcriptome and set-point excitability

Erin Hisey

Duke University

Serotonergic Modulation of Vocal Learning

Kristina Lippmann

Carl-Ludwig Institute for Physiology, Leipzig Univeristy

Presynaptic mechanisms of epileptogenesis

Adriane Otopalik

Brandeis University

Modulatory reconfiguration of single neurons

Ben Richardson

Washington State University

Cerebellar contributions to alcohol abuse

Jenna Sternberg

Brain and Spine Institute (Institute du cerveau et de la moelle épinière, ICM)

Sensory coding in the larval zebrafish gut

Jorge Vera Buschmann

University of Chile

Modulation of frequency preference in dendrites of pyramidal neurons


Dana Mock-Muñoz de Luna, Grass Fellowship Coordinator
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1015
Tel: 508-289-7521