Grass Foundation Fellowships


0671grass7x5The Grass Foundation makes available fellowships for summer research in neuro-physiology at the MBL to investigators at early stages in their careers. The Grass Foundation seeks to encourage independent research by investigators early in their career and to increase research opportunities for persons trained for careers in neurobiological investigation. The normal tenure is fourteen weeks. The number of fellowships awarded varies annually. Click here for more information on the Grass Foundation Fellowship program.


Erin Schuman
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research


Arne Battefeld

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Functional consequences of intermittent myelin and axo-axonic synapses

Ariadna Cobo Cuan

University of Havana

Revealing DPOAEs sources and pathways: A comparative approach inside the inner ear

Christophe Dupre

Columbia University

Spontaneous activity in the nervous system of hydra

Helen Hou

Harvard Medical School

Function and evolution of neuromodulation in micturition behavior

Wanhe Li

The Rockefeller University

A Stress-Induced Arousal-Promoting Circuit in Drosophila

Justin O’Hare

Duke University

Harnessing the power of habits: Capturing and reactivating a circuit for habitual behavior

Olga Peñagarikano

University of Basque Country

Neuropsychopharmacology of oxytocin in autism spectrum disorder

Matthias Prigge

Weizmann Institute of Science

Upconverting Nanocrystals as a new Stimulation Paradigm for Optogenetic Research

Alma Rodenas Ruano

Fordham University

Epigenetic Regulation of the Cation-Chloride Symporter KCC2 During Neuronal Development

Joshua Salvi

The Rockefeller University

Active control of mechanosensation by kinocilia of the zebrafish lateral-­line system

Nan Wang

Ghent University

Decoding the role of connexin hemichannels in mediating glia-neuron crosstalk

Dana Mock-Muñoz de Luna, Grass Fellowship Coordinator
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