August 31, 2015

MBL Research Award 2014 Funds

Robert Day Allen Fellowship Fund
This fellowship fund honors the memory of Professor R. D. Allen of Dartmouth College and the MBL. Dr. Allen was a distinguished investigator of cell motility processes, a leading microscopist, and one of the developers of video-enhanced optical microscopy with differential interference contrast. The award is for a young investigator committed to research on cell motility and cytoarchitecture, and contributes toward the costs of summer research at the MBL.

John M. Arnold Award
Established in 2007 this award funds an unfunded retired or senior researcher in any field of study.

The Baxter Postdoctoral Fellowship Fund
Baxter International, Inc. has established a Fellowship Fund for postdoctoral investigators in the biological and biomedical sciences. This permanently endowed fellowship fund supports a scientist undertaking independent research at the Marine Biological Laboratory in the summer.

Frederik B. and Betsy G. Bang Fellowship Fund
Summer fellowships honoring the late Frederik B. Bang, M.D., are offered for the study of the immune capability of marine animals and more generally for the use of marine models for research in molecular biology or biomedicine. Funds primarily support laboratory space and research expenses.

The Eugene and Millicent Bell Fellowship Fund in Tissue Engineering at the MBL will provide a research award to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows or faculty pursuing research in a variety of biomedical questions that advance our knowledge of biological composition and function at levels ranging from molecules to cells, to tissue, to organs and whole organisms. This work is grounded in a solid base of chemistry, physics, math and biology and aims to expand the possibilities for tissue and organ reconstitution and replacement.

The William D. Cohen Endowed Undergraduate Research Fund
In accordance with the wishes of the donors, this Endowment shall provide support for an undergraduate research program at the Marine Biological Laboratory.

The Laura and Arthur Colwin Endowed Summer Research Fellowship Fund
This endowed fund provides support for independent investigators conducting research in the fields of cell and developmental biology during the summer months at the MBL.

The Crane Family Global Infectious Disease Fellowship
To support stipends for graduate students or graduate educational program in Global Infectious Disease.

The Plum Foundation John E. Dowling Fellowship Fund
Established in honor of Dr. John E. Dowling, this fellowship fund helps underwrite the costs of room and board, supplies, and laboratory space rental for outstanding applicants pursuing research on the neurobiology of vision and retinal research.

The Fischbach Fellowship
This permanent endowed fund is established to support the research of a summer investigator who embodies the values and intellectual curiosities of the fellowship’s namesake.

The Erik B. Fries Endowed Fellowship Fund
Established by the estate of Erik B. Fries, a biology professor at City College of New York, course director of MBL’s Botany Course in the early 1900s, and a long-time Woods Hole resident, this endowed fund will be used to defray laboratory or library expenses of independent investigators at the MBL. Preference is given to investigator members of the Department of Biology of the City College of New York.

M. G. F. Fuortes Fellowship Fund
Established in memory of M. G. F. Fuortes, a renowned neurophysiologist, this endowed summer fellowship fund is available to young investigators working in the neurosciences.

The Great Generation Fund for Research and Education at the MBL
This fund was created to support scientists at all levels for summer research.

The H. Keffer Hartline and Edward F. MacNichol, Jr. Fellowship Fund
This Fellowship Fund was established in memory of H. Keffer Hartline and his impact on sensory science. Dr. Hartline came to the MBL as a young scientist and “discovered” the eye of the horseshoe crab. He initiated his pioneering studies of the eye in 1929 and continued this research at the MBL for many summers. This fund provides support for scientists to carry out research in sensory neurobiology.

The E. E. Just Endowed Research Fellowship Fund
This fellowship honors Dr. Ernest Everett Just’s contributions to developmental biology and experimental embryology. Dr. Just was the first African American to be professionally recognized for his scientifi c work, and much of it was accomplished at the MBL during the early part of the 1900s. This fellowship will underwrite an outstanding minority scientist’s participation in research at the MBL.

The Jane C. Kaltenbach-Townsend Endowment for Undergraduate Research
This award provides research and training opportunities for undergraduates in the MBL’s Marine Models & Biological Discovery in Woods Hole (MMBD-WH) Program. This intensive, eight-week summer research experience integrates students with the marine setting and the unique intellectual blend of year round and summer investigators at the MBL, providing a diverse and varied undergraduate research experience.

Ann E. Kammer Memorial Fellowship Fund
In memory of Ann E. Kammer, a renowned zoologist, this endowed summer fellowship fund is available to women investigators, with a preference given to those working in the neurosciences.

Fred Karush Endowed Library Readership
The Karush family has established an MBL/WHOI Library Readership in Fred Karush’s memory for qualifying scientists. This fund provides the fees for desk rental and full privileges in the MBL/WHOI Library, on a monthly basis, each summer.

Stephen W. Kuffler Fellowship Fund
Established in memory of Stephen Kuffler, who initiated the MBL Neurobiology Course, this fund is intended to encourage the career development of promising young investigators by helping to support them in the intense intellectual atmosphere of the MBL for the summer. It covers part of the costs of laboratory rental, housing, and other personal expenses.

Lucy B. Lemann Fellowship Fund
Established in memory of Lucy B. Lemann, a Woods Hole neighbor who worked to educate the public on environmental issues and nuclear disarmament, this endowed fellowship fund helps support the costs of summer research at the MBL.

Frank R. Lillie Fellowship
This fellowship was established in memory of Frank R. Lillie, a distinguished developmental biologist and the laboratory’s director for many years. The award provides a research laboratory and funds for supplies.

The Frank R. Lillie Innovation Research Awards
The University of Chicago and the Marine Biological Laboratory announce the launch of a new MBL research award program that will provide funding for scientists to develop novel, collaborative projects based at the MBL that will lead to transformative biological discoveries.The initiative is known as the Frank R. Lillie Innovation Research Awards.  The awards represent the first, formal new research opportunity since the announcement in June 2013 of the new affiliation between UChicago and the MBL.Funding through the awards will be open to collaborators from the world-wide MBL research community, including year-round MBL scientists and scientists from other institutions who currently participate or propose to participate as visiting researchers or course faculty in the MBL’s renowned summer programs.

The MBL Associates Endowed Fellowship
The MBL Associates were formed in 1944 to provide a connection to the Laboratory for friends, both scientists and non-scientists who have an interest in the research, educational and cultural activities of the MBL. The Associates provide fellowship funds to help support the costs of summer research at the MBL.

James A. and Faith Miller Memorial Fund
This fellowship provides funds for summer research at the MBL in any relevant discipline, with preference given to developmental biology.

Nikon Fellowship
A summer fellowship at the MBL is available to a young investigator doing research in an area of biology in which she or he can make extensive use of advanced microscopy or micro-manipulation systems provided by Nikon, Inc. for their laboratory and also benefit from the technical expertise offered by Nikon, Inc. to support these instruments. This generous fellowship includes a summer laboratory, housing, and a budget for incidental expenses, equipment rental, and supplies.

The William Townsend Porter Fellowship for Minority Investigators
The Porter Foundation offers fellowship support for young scientists (undergraduates, senior graduate students, and postdoctoral trainees) who are from an under-represented minority group (African-American, Hispanic American, Native American) and are U.S. citizens or permanent residents to do research with senior investigators at the MBL. The fellowship contributes toward the expenses at the MBL during the summer.

Herbert W. Rand Fellowship
This fellowship provides funds to bring to the Laboratory a distinguished investigator, preferably, but not necessarily, from outside of the United States. The award covers or assists with such expenses as travel, supplies, laboratory fees, and a stipend.

The Charles and Phyllis Rosenthal Endowment
This endowed fund is established to support the director of the proposed Brown/MBL “X Institute” (or its successor).  However, if the “X Institute” is not established, the funds may be used at the discretion of the MBL Director and CEO to support an MBL investigator with a joint appointment at Brown University.

Elisabet Samuelsson Director’s Discretionary Fund
The fund was created to foster careers in science for young investigators in the Life Sciences at the MBL.

The Evelyn and Melvin Spiegel Fellowship Fund
Established with funds provided by the Sprague Foundation and various individuals, this fellowship fund supports summer research at the MBL in any relevant discipline, with preference given to developmental biology.

The Burr and Susie Steinbach Fellowship Fund
This fellowship honors the memory of H. “Burr” and Eleanor “Susie” Steinbach. Dr. Steinbach was a scientist, educator, and administrator who made important contributions toward the understanding of bioelectric generators, ionic equilibria across cell membranes, and the enzymology of cell organelles. He was Director of the MBL (1966-70) and a Life Member and Trustee of the Corporation. This fellowship fund, made possible by the generosity of the Steinbach family and others, helps cover laboratory fees, housing expenses, and other appropriate personal expenses.

The Stanley W. Watson Education Fund
Awards will provide stipend support for graduate students carrying out dissertation research with and MBL scientist.  Scholarships will provide support for graduate or post-doctoral students enrolled inone of the advanced courses at the MBL.
Requests will also be considered for collaborative research projects at the MBL during the off-season period.