October 13, 2015

MBL-UChicago Exploratory Research Seed Funds


We are pleased to announce grants in support of collaborative research among faculty (both visiting and year round) at the MBL and the UChicago/Argonne. We seek to support and seed novel research that enhances the affiliation among the institutions and can serve as the substrate for future grant proposals. These are intended to be exploratory funds: budgets are capped at $25,000, proposals are short, target dates are quarterly, and review and finding will be rapid.

The Program
The intention of the program is to provide the basis for exploratory collaborative research between scientists of the MBL and the UChicago/Argonne.

Criteria for Selection of Proposals
Criteria for selection include importance of the work to be accomplished and potential to initiate novel collaboration between individuals and institutions. High risk, novel collaborations are welcome.

While all collaborative applications are welcome, priority will be given to proposals that use onsite resources of the MBL, particularly in the off-season (October through May).

Guidelines and Evaluation
Only UChicago faculty are eligible to apply.

Applications are due on April 30, 2015.

Proposal guidelines and applications can be found here.

Proposals should be completed and submitted utilizing the online form and should include an MBL component (MBL visiting or year round faculty and/or MBL onsite resources) and an UChicago or Argonne one.  Please note, you will be asked to sign-up for an account before submitting an application to this site.

Appropriate budget items include: reagents, supplies, sequencing and core facility costs, computational expenses, travel, MBL rental and lodging expenses, travel and other items in direct support of the exploratory research. Student stipends, faculty salaries, publication costs and registration expenses for scientific meetings are excluded.