September 4, 2015

UChicago-MBL Integrative Conferences & Workshops

Call for Proposals for Integrative Conferences and Workshops Beginning 2014-15

Applications are invited for path-breaking conferences and workshops that utilize the environment of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole to forge novel collaborations, integrate disciplines, and/or define new approaches to diverse lines of inquiry.  The UChicago-MBL Faculty Advisory Committee will provide financial and administrative support for conferences, working group meetings, or larger workshops. Proposals and participants may be in any field of inquiry.  With dormitories, small classrooms, larger venues, and access to major airports, the MBL is a unique venue for intense residential learning and collaborative experiences.

Application Guidelines

Prospective applicants are invited to consult with Neil Shubin (

Proposals must be submitted to Dana Anderson ( no later than December 1st  for the fall deadline, or April 1st  for the spring deadline.  The application must include a project title, the name(s) and CV(s) of the principal faculty sponsor(s), a 200-250 word abstract, and a project description.  The project description should be no more than ten pages and should address:

1.   The significance of the conference to fundamental questions in the particular field(s) of inquiry.

2.   The importance of the MBL venue for this particular conference.

3.   The positive outcomes envisioned from the conference. These can take many forms, from novel collaborations and new research directions to new forms of technology development and application.

4.   The details of the conference or workshop: provisional dates, likely participants (with brief biographical sketches), and structure of the meeting, including prospective titles for sessions, talks, and working groups.

Deadline dates:  December 1, 2014, and April 1, 2015.