Registration Forms

Whitman Center 

Whitman Center Scientists/Staff – Registration form for independent researchers (and their support staff) who wish to rent lab space, for independent researchers who wish to share a lab with a Whitman Center scientist, and for independent researchers who have been invited to work within a resident research lab including postdocs, research assistants, and graduate students.

The deadline for applications for space rental is December 15 annually. Decisions regarding invitations and assignment of lab space are usually made by early March. Any questions about the registration process or about lab space should be directed to the Division of Research at or 508-289-7173.

Award Recipients – Registration form for Whitman Awardees, Grass Fellows, Lillie Awardees, Collaboration Awardees, UChicago Graduate Student Awardees, and HCIA/HHMI Summer Institute participants after they have been notified of their award.

Support staff under the age of 21 should register using forms below.


Undergraduate & High School Students 

Paid/Unpaid Interns & REUs working in Resident Research Centers – Registration form for those coming to the MBL to work with an independent or resident research scientist.

MBL Approved Programs – Registration form for those in an MBL approved program that includes Biological Discovery in Woods Hole (Dr. Mensinger/Malchow’s Program), Bridgewater State University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Grass Foundation, Hunter College, Semester in Environmental Science (SES), UChicago Metcalf (SURF), and Williams College.