Start-Up Checklist

Click here to download a Word doc version of this checklist for printing.


  • Check-in at the front desk on the first floor of Swope to pick up your MBL card, parking sticker, and housing/lab keys if applicable.
  • Connect to the MBL internet (wireless access at MBL-Guest, see signs on campus forpassword)
  • Connect to MBL intranet at (username: first initial, last initial, 5-digit number on MBL card, e.g., cd12345; password: same as user name until user resets).
  • Download MBL app (search Google Play or Apple App Store for “Marine Biological Laboratory”).
  • Sign up for Labshare at (to request and/or share chemicals, dry ice, equipment, etc.).


  • For use of marine organisms, contact Marine Resources Center at 508-289-7477. For use of non-marine animals, contact Animal Care Facility at 508-289-7288.


  • All laboratories need a chemical inventory. Contact Safety at or 508-289-7424 if you do not already have one.
  • Fill out the emergency contact card on the back of the door to your lab with your phone numbers.


  • Pick up any equipment you have rented from Apparatus in Lillie 8A (508-289-7444).
  • Laboratory supplies and chemicals are available from the Stockroom in Lillie 2; training is required for access (see below).
  • General-use equipment is available in Rowe 218 & 318 and Lillie 218. Tissue culture rooms are located in Rowe 317 or Lillie 224; training is required for access (see below).
  • Microscopes are available for general use (


  • Packages will be delivered to your laboratory (address to name, lab number, 7 MBL Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543-1015). Otherwise, pick them up from Shipping & Receiving in Lillie 12A.  For information, see
  • Mail (addressed as above) will be delivered to the Mail Room in Lillie 8B.  Please register in the Mail Room upon arrival.


  • If you do not find your previously stored items in your laboratory upon arrival, email or 508-289-7326.
  • If you have brought items that need to be stored in -80 freezers, they are located in Rowe 318 and Lillie 218. MBL has two cold rooms available for general use, one in Rowe 315 and one in Lillie 14.  All stored items must be labeled and your name added to the sign-up sheet on the door.



  • Removal of purged chemicals and hazardous waste: Safety at or 508-289-7424 (additional empty containers, plastic bags, and hazardous waste labels available from Safety).
  • Removal of sharps containers and glass box disposal: Safety at or 508-289-7424.
  • Proper disposal of all animals (locally collected marine animals, terrestrial, non-native marine, or treated): Safety at or 508-289-7424.
  • Autoclave all biological waste in autoclave bags and dispose of in dumpster. Be sure all bags are removed and disposed from autoclaves.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, visit us at,, or 508-289-7173.