The Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative

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Our mission-To alleviate hunger and malnutrition in developing countries by introducing technically proven and culturally congruent fish farming methods on a scale that is sustainable and replicable.
Our vision-To share knowledge, tools and technology to improve the human condition, mitigate dependency and stimulate growth.

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We work to foster local,  small-scale, low input sustainable aquaculture projects for people in equatorial climates. We promote innovative, sustainable fish farming methods that meet these requirements while providing high yield protein and a valuable income source to  families and communities.

Our focus on technology and knowledge transfer leads us to work directly with small holder farmers in developing countries through one-on-one consultations and extensive follow up in order to ensure that our clients are on a path to operating independently and earning profit on their investment.  In addition, we offer consultation services to NGOs interested in setting up fish raising systems.  




Biofloc being used to feed fish with great results-Read more about this innovative and sustainable technology and continuing research here.

Restructuring of the operations and management of our Aquaculture Learning Center at Marigot.

Secured a substantial donation of new equipment (valued at ~$130,000).  Read more about this gift here.

Provided funds and start-up assistance to a small, community based fish farming enterprise.  Read Bibine’s story here.