The Aquaculture Learning Center (ALC) is designed to address three very important objectives:

  1. To produce fish as a source of revenue and high quality nutrition for students and teachers
  2. To provide a template for a system (or components thereof) that can be easily duplicated by others
  3. To provide a training center for people interested in perpetuating these techniques in other areas of Haiti.

Haitians teaching Haitians is the ultimate goal. Our experience, over the past 8 years with trying to introduce fish farming into Haiti has shown us that teaching 4th and 5th generation soil based farmers the concepts of aquaculture is possible but difficult. Young people, especially students, are more likely to accept and implement new ideas. The most successful fish farmers we have trained are in the 18-24 yr old range. It is our ambition to use these demonstration facilities (purposely constructed at a High School and a farm) as a platform to teach a new generation of farmers who can help others launch their own fish rearing systems. Establishing a simple, sustainable, and easily replicated method of producing fish for human consumption is the foundation of our mission. The system being built will incorporate design and equipment to maximize the pounds of fish produced per unit area. People or organizations (hospitals, schools, etc.) that wish to duplicate the system will easily be able to do so; in situations of more limited resources, selected components and methods in this system can be easily adopted.  Click here to visit the Henri Christophe Learning Center.