The newest project SAI has undertaken is the establishment of an Aquaculture Learning Center (ALC) located on the grounds of the Henri Christophe School in Marigot, Haiti. Incorporating a specially designed fish pond and hydroponic and earthen gardens, this project will serve as a learning center where Haitians can come to receive training in sustainable food production methods. While this particular project is large, its essential components and techniques are easily replicated on dramatically smaller scales.

While growing their own food, the ALC members provide data on water quality, feed fed, and weights back to the SAI using laptop computers donated by the MBL. Teachers at Henri Christophe will incorporate lessons in mathematics, basic water chemistry, biology animal husbandry, botany, and computer skills while studying the fish pond and gardens.


Ernst Colon is the foreman for the ALC project in Marigot. Ernst is a former factory owner and was the president of a Haitian political organization and has a passion for justice and improvement of the human condition; these experiences and personal qualities make him well qualified for managing a group of people and ensuring that everyone works together to make the ALC a success. He wishes to do whatever possible to help his country and as a member of the ALC he is here to help his people by managing the basin. At 67 years old, he is a father of four and grandfather of three and has returned to his hometown, Marigot, to live and work.



Serge Fontaine is the in-country coordinator of the ALC project in Marigot, where his mother is from. He continues to be the intermediary between the USA team and the Haitian team for the ALC project in Marigot. Serge Left Haiti in May 1973 for New York , in 1977 he obtain an Associate Degree in Architecture Technology in New York Community College, and 1982 he graduated from Pratt Institutes  with a B.S., in Mechanical Engineering. He speaks English, French, Spanish and Kreol. Serge is the Chairman of HAES (Haitian-American Association Engineers and Scientists). He is married with 3 sons. His passion is being around family and friends with hope that one day he can retire in his home land.



Ilnord has been an IT/English teacher at the Henri Christophe School since Spring 2011 and has recently been hired for the ALC to collect information and track progress of the fish, transmit data to us via e-mail, and teach the students about aquaculture. He has five brothers, two sisters, and lives with his mother and father while starting a family of his own. Computer and IT work are his passions and he wishes to be able to continue his studies in these fields and pass his knowledge along to students.




Jilbert works as the security guard for the Henri Christophe ALC. He went to school at an early age but says that he “couldn’t learn” due to a learning disability so he stopped attending school and became a stock boy for a local store. He currently lives with his aunt and has two brothers, three sisters, and one sister who died during birth. Jilbert aspires to one day be a small business owner and have a family with one child.



Finishing construction of the basin Taking a break from building the basin wall Completed basin Inserting screens for the fingerling compartments Digging a hole for the well Basin filled with water and stocked with tilapia Ernst placing rocks in the basin's biofilter The basin's biofilter and airlifts Ernst's improvised netting to keep bird's out Bill teaching the crew how to clean airstones Bill and Jilbert working to fix a broken generator Jeto cutting bamboo to be used as a periphyton substrate Bill and Jeto stringing bamboo in the basin for a periphyton substrate Tracy teaching Ilnord and Zo how to monitor water quality Bill teaching the crew how to weigh fish Ernst, Serge and Zo constructing floating plant rafts Jeto placing floating plant rafts in the basin Charlie helping plant edible Jatropha in the schoolyard Jilbert showing off cabbage seeds that have sprouted in rockwool Cabbage, Moringa, and Bok Choy being shaded by banana leaves A local child teaching us how to collect water from the well Bill taking care of a cut on Jilbert's leg Serge and Ernst meeting with the school's principal Bill and Serge getting interviewed for the local radio station The Marigot ALC team The school's outhouses Serge putting a cistern on the bathroom roof so the student's can use the indoor bathrooms Pamphlets on Moringa nutrition taped in newly working bathrooms stalls Ilnord reading the pamphlet on Moringa Jilbert collecting Moringa after reading about its nutritional benefits Part of the ALC team in front of the basin