Lake Peligre and Olibry Bibine’s Story


Lake Peligre is the second largest lake in Haiti and was created by the U.S. Army Corps of engineers to provide the country with hydroelectric power. The story of Lake Peligre is tragic (link), however the lake does provide a great resource for culturing fish in cages. Since 2013, SAI has been actively involved in assisting startup tilapia farmers, like Olibry Bibine, expand their operations on the lake. Having trained at Caribbean Harvest, Bibine is a technically savvy and highly motivated entrepreneur who’s now farming fish near his family’s home on the shores of Lake Peligre.

Project Description

The SAI, in conjunction with private donors, provided Bibine with start-up assistance to acquire cages, fingerlings, and feed.  We provided Bibine with a smart phone which allows us to communicate and resolve issues related to water quality, feed management, etc. In just 1 full year, Bibine has successfully grown his operation to 7 cages and is now selling tilapia in markets in Mirabalais and Port-au-Prince. Moreover, he now employs several family members that help maintain the cages and sell fish.  Using revenue generated from sales, he has also acquired livestock and built a brood stock pond to enhance his operation’s self-sufficiency.  We (Bibine and SAI) have a common goal – to see the fish farm grow to rely solely on revenue from market sales to purchase feed and maintain equipment.  As of July 2014, Bibine is well on his way towards this goal, and has recently begun repaying his loans to SAI.

Get Involved

There are numerous men and women entrepreneurs like Bibine that will succeed in Haiti if given the opportunity and guidance. Supporting SAI’s efforts to engage and follow through with assistance creates beneficial “ripples” that can quickly and drastically improve the lives of others. Please contact us or give directly.