Bibine’s story

Bibine is an agronomy student in Port-au-Prince.   He recently attended an  intensive aquaculture training offered by Dr. Valentin Abe’s Caribbean Harvest att Croix-des-Bouquets, close to the capital. He contacted the Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative soon after his training to ask for further advice on how to set up his own fish farm in Lake Peligre, near Mirebalais, a mountainous region a few hours north of Port-au-Prince.

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The SAI, in conjunction with private donors, provided the start-up assistance necessary for Bibine to acquire cages, fingerlings and feed.  Bibine is now successfully raising tilapia, selling them in markets in Mirabalais and Port-au-Prince, and employs seven family members to help with maintenance.  He has also acquired livestock (two pigs and a goat) and has built a brood stock pond.  We met up with Bibine at Operation Blessing in October 2013, picked up a batch of fingerlings (6000) and transported them to the lake.  We (Bibine and the SAI) have a common goal – to see the fish farm operate independent of donor contributions and rely solely on revenue from market sales to purchase feed and maintain equipment.  Bibine is well on his way toward this goal, as evidenced in his success thus far.  We will continue to provide support (through sharing knowledge and disbursing small loans) for Bibine’s project as long as he deems necessary.