The Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative has the primary goal of providing methods of sustainable fish farming to impoverished people for protein production. In parallel with the MBL’s mission of improving the human condition we also seek to provide a range of auxiliary technologies and information that can improve daily life. These ideas constitute an adaptable aquaculture program that is suited for the complexity of different tropical environments. The Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative depends on donations to continue its work in Haiti and at the Marine Resources Center. Your donation can help us to achieve our goals of:

  • Meeting the expressed demand to construct additional tilapia production systems and Aquaculture Learning Centers in Haiti. These systems will increase protein production throughout a wide range of communities in need and train Haitians to perpetuate these concepts and produce high quality protein for human consumption using sustainable methods.
  • Travel to Haiti to follow through during the start-up phases of our new systems to properly educate the local communities on how to continue operating the systems without our involvement. Seamless transfer of technology is imperative to ensure success during this critical start-up phase. (Too many projects in Haiti have failed due to premature transfer of technology)
  • Continuing the ongoing research at the MBL to develop a nutritionally complete and sustainable tilapia feed using ingredients that are locally available in Haiti in order to reduce dependency on costly imported commercial feed.  This is the “holy grail” of helping to make fish production in Haiti truly sustainable and is our most formidable challenge; doable but difficult.