Helping Hands Noramise is an development organization run by Rosedanie Cadet, a Haitian-born American, engaged in economic development projects Northern Haiti. In April 2013, Rosedanie brought SAI on a site visit near Limbé, Haiti to evaluate and assist potential fish production at newly constructed ponds.


Project Description

The two future ponds we visited were located in a very remote area on a steep hillside with good access to water—although the soils inability to retain water necessitated the use on pond liners. We were pleased to find the site had adequate sunlight and compostable materials available to implement our low–resource Periphyton Aquaculture Technique (PAT) to raise tilapia. On site, we consulted the owner of the ponds in depth on the specifics of PAT and showed him photos demonstrating that the technique was being successfully employed at other Haitian fish farms. Despite some language barriers the fish farmer understood the concept and our instructions.

We also recommended that Noramise’s headquarters in Limbé center house a small fish fingerling production facility to support the new ponds. This would eliminate the need for purchasing fingerlings from external sources in the future, and could be a model that startup farmers might replicate without too much difficulty. Upon return to Woods Hole, we set out experimenting with inexpensive broodstock pond designs using an inexpensive 8’ Intex back yard pool and are continuing to evaluate its long term durability and production capacity.

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