In April we visited northern Haiti for the first time at the invitation of Helping Hands Noramise, an organization in Washington state run by Rosedanie Cadet, a Haitian-born American. Rosedanie asked us to conduct a site visit outside Limbé, Haiti to evaluate and assist potential fish production at newly constructed ponds.

The two future ponds we visited are located in a very remote area on a steep hillside with good access to water—although the soil is not capable of retaining water, so liners will be needed. We were pleased to see that there is adequate sunlight and compostable materials available to use our low–resource Periphyton Aquaculture Technique (PAT) to raise tilapia. On site, we showed the owner of the ponds a fairly in depth PowerPoint slide show on our laptop demonstrating the technique and showing pictures of Haitian fish farms employing PAT. Despite some language barriers the fish farmer understood the concept and our instructions.


We were also able to recommend that Noramise’s headquarters house in Limbé center has appropriate space and electrical power in the backyard for a small fish fingerling production facility to support the new ponds. With minimal aeration and filtration, we suggested a sturdy above ground pool that could be capable of providing sufficient brood stock holding and fingerling production capacity. This would eliminate the need for purchasing fingerlings from external sources in the future. Upon return to Woods Hole, we purchased an inexpensive 8’ Intex yard pool, installed it in our greenhouse lab, stocked it with fish, and are currently evaluating its durability and production capacity.