The MBL’s Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative has been actively involved with helping Tainio Fish LLC, in the design and management of their Tilapia fish rearing system in cages on Lake Azuei. Tainio Fish is a new startup fish production company with aspirations to produce and market fish to local street vendors, restaurants and stores.

Designing large cages that can withstand the weather conditions on Lake Azuei has been a challenge and we have helped modify the initial cage designs to be more durable. We have also helped the operators of the cage systems to formulate more efficient feeding and production forecasting for their exciting new endeavor.

Tainio Fish LLC is a for profit company, operated by Haitian Americans, who have returned to Haiti with the ambitious goal of helping to establish a viable business that will improve the livelihood of many.

Side note – Since the earthquake, Lake Azuei has undergone some mysterious “hydraulic changes”; including rising water levels and fluctuations in salinity. Lake Azuei is one of the largest natural lakes in Haiti, has very low primary productivity but is home to a variety of fish species (some found only in Haiti), caiman alligators, and historic reports claim land locked manatee may have inhabited the lake. The lake currently supports a meager fishing industry but has the potential to produce large quantities of fish in floating cages.