Taino Fish LLC is a startup for profit company with aspirations to produce and market fish to local street vendors, restaurants, and stores. Taino Fish LLC is owned and operated by Haitian Americans, who have returned to Haiti with the ambitious goal of helping to establish a viable business that will improve livelihoods and further Haiti’s economic development.

Project Description

The Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative assisted Taino Fish LLC providing initial design expertise and management protocols for their tilapia cage culture operations on Lake Azuei.

Specifically, we assisted in the design of large and more durable cages able to withstand the weather conditions on Lake Azuei, Haiti’s largest lake. We also collaborated with operators to formulate more efficient feeding protocols and production forecasting methods for their exciting new endeavor.

Get Involved

Please support our ongoing efforts to provide start-up fish farms in the developing world with the resourceful design and engineering expertise they need to grow businesses that prosper and provide their communities with jobs and a sustainable supply of healthy food. Please contact us or give directly.