Active Projects

KORE/Christianville Partnership– The Christianville Foundation’s 65 acre campus in Gressier, Haiti is home to 35 raceway ponds ideally suited for tilapia farming. In partnership with SAI, these ponds are being retrofitted to be used with alternative feed and culture techniques and are on track to put 2,000 lbs of fish per month into Haitian markets by year end 2016.


Harlem Children’s Zone– In April 2014, SAI installed a fully operational aquaponics system at the Harlem Children’s Zone School in New York City. The system serves as a teaching tool demonstrating how healthy foods can be produced in urban areas using minimal space. Students gain hands on experience learning the basics of wastewater treatment, nitrogen cycling, simple agricultural techniques, and fish production.


Lake Peligre – With SAI’s assistance, Haitian entrepreneur Olibry Bibine has launched a rapidly growing cage culture enterprise on Haiti’s second largest lake. In just his first full year, Bibine’s operation has expanded to 7 cages and now employs several family members who assist in growing and selling fish on Haiti’s second largest lake.



Past Projects

Marigot  In collaboration with administrators, faculty, and community leaders SAI helped to establish an Aquaculture Learning Center at the Henri Christophe School in Marigot, Haiti. This center was designed to train students, young and old, in sustainable food production techniques while collecting and integrating data into academic lesson plans in chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer skills.

survey_pondsL’acul: Codep Partnership – SAI partnered with Haiti Fund Inc.’s Comprehensive Development Project (CODEP) to retrofit rural tilapia farms in southwest Haiti to culture fish with low intensity periphyton aquaculture technology.

patricks-cageLake Azuei: Cage Culture – SAI and Haitian owned Taino Fish LLC collaborated on the design of larger more durable floating cages, capable of withstanding the harsher conditions experienced on Haiti’s largest lake.

Helping Hands Noramise – SAI visited northern Haiti for the first time in order to consult Helping Hands Noramise on PAT implementation and longer term broodstock production to support their ongoing small holder tilapia farming initiative. In addition to technical guidance, SAI undertook efforts to design an inexpensive yet durable broodstock pond for installation at Helping Hands Noramise’s Headquarters in Limbé, Haiti.