The research conducted at the Marine Biological Laboratory is an essential component of the Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative and keeps the project moving forward with innovative ideas, technologies, and practices that are suitable for rural, tropical environments.

These are our current areas of focus:

screen-tankTurnkey Fish Rearing System – A model for fish production based on the needs expressed by Haitians for a sustainable, replicable and profitable enterprise.

bioflocBioFloc - An aggregate of bacteria, protozoa, algae, and all sorts of other material typically found in nutrient rich water.  Rich in protein that is easily digestible to Tilapia, biofloc is “packaged” in a form that is readily available for the fish to eat and it is extremely nutritious.

making-feedAlternative Feed Development – developing a tilapia feed using local Haitian ingredients to ultimately reduce dependency on expensive and unsustainable fishmeal-based commercial feeds.

C01_bamboo-string_wpOptimizing Periphyton Aquaculture Technology (PAT) – optimizing the techniques used to grow periphyton in aquaculture systems for use in water quality management and as a dietary supplement for tilapia.