• Intensive training seminars to instruct prospective fish farmers on proper pond construction, fish development, alternative feed methods, and harvest/restocking strategies.
  • We have trained more than 50 farmers across Haiti, built five fully operational fish ponds and two hatcheries. Following our training in alternative fish feeding strategies, these ponds are now producing marketable fish.  Based on the number of fingerlings supplied to the mountain ponds by the LaCul hatchery, we estimate over 10,000 lbs. of fish are harvested annually.
  • Developed and built an Aquaculture Learning Center (ALC) at the Henri Christophe High School in Marigot. This project involved the construction of an intensive fish production system capable of yielding 3,000 lbs. of fish every six months on the school property.  Students receive protein lunches while learning the basics of fish biology, husbandry and production, water quality assessment and management, and complementary alternative agricultural methods.

Research and Development:

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  • We work to design and implement low cost fish ponds using locally available materials and naturally occurring inputs (solar powered blowers, compost and manure, among others.)
  • We specialize in developing and testing alternative feed methods for tilapia production systems.  Our current research on biofloc, soldierfly larvae and
    periphyton indicates that fish that are fed an alternative diet will thrive and grow
  • Many developing countries (including Haiti) rely on expensive, imported fish feed.  Data from our test systems indicate that production levels are at approximately 1 lb of fish/square meter of pond space. This data is consistent with that of a well-managed pond.  The ponds yield an average of 60 pounds/pond during a 6-month period and provided revenue equivalent to the cost of annual school tuition for three children.