Science Before Supper Archive


January 14

Secrets Genomes Tell Us: G’s, T’s, A’s and Seas
Huntington Willard, Director and President, MBL

February 4

Genie Out of the Bottle: Biological Feedbacks and the Acceleration of Climate Change
Jerry Melillo, Distinguished Senior Scientist, MBL

March 24

Lessons From the Lamprey on Spinal Cord Regeneration
Jennifer Morgan, Associate Scientist, Eugene Bell Center, MBL


December 18

Amazon Soybeans, China and the Future of the World’s Greatest Forest
Chris Neill, Director of the MBL’s Ecosystems Center

January 8
Exploding Volcanoes and Microbial Life in the Deep Sea
Julie Huber, Associate Director, MBL’s Bay Paul Center

February 19
Interrogating a Microbial Planet
Mitch Sogin, Senior Scientist, MBL’s Bay Paul Center


January 9
It’s Not the Age, It’s the Miles: Understanding Biological Time
Jonathan Gitlin, Deputy Director of Research Programs, MBL

February 13
Welcome to the Plastisphere: the New World of Microbes Living on Ocean Plastic
Linda Amaral-Zettler, Associate Scientist, The Josephine Bay Paul Center, MBL


January 17
“Color Change and Patterning in Ocean Animals: Science, Art, and Technology”
Roger Hanlon, MBL Program in Sensory Physiology and Behavior

February 21
“Land of Extremes: Exploring the Natural History of Alaska’s Tundra”
John Hobbie, Distinguished Scientist and Senior Scholar, MBL Ecosystems Center

November 21
“Moving Cargoes in Neurons: I Think My Squid Has Alzheimer’s”
Joseph DeGiorgis, Providence College and Adjunct Faculty, Cellular Dynamics Program, MBL


October 11
“Encyclopedia of Life: Cataloging Every Species on Earth!”
Nathan Wilson, MBL