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The Marine Biological Laboratory Science Council is an advisory body of the MBL whose primary role is to advise the President/Director and inform the Board of Trustees on all research and education matters, including scientific appointments and the creation and review of Centers/Programs. The Science Council is to report annually to the Members of the MBL Society.

Composition. The Science Council shall be comprised of 10 MBL Society Members from the following areas within the MBL:

  • Four (4) from Resident Research Centers/Programs
  • Three (3) from Educational Programs
  • Three (3) from Whitman Center for Summer/Visiting Research and MBL Society Members not representing any of the other categories.

In addition, the Science Council shall have the following ex officio, non-voting members:

  • The Speaker of the MBL Society
  • The Chief Academic and Scientific Officer.

The primary function of Science Council is to provide advice on personnel matters, familiarity with appointment and promotion procedures is essential. Hence, Science Council members should be Track I and have the rank of at least Associate Scientist/Associate Professor.

Nomination, Election and Term. Candidates for Science Council membership are brought forth by a Science Council Nominating Committee composed of three members appointed by the President/Director and three members appointed by the Science Council. Nominees are voted on by the MBL Society Members. Council Members are elected for 3-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms.

The Nominating Committee should meet in Woods at least 4 weeks before the annual MBL Society meeting to evaluate potential nominees. Should some members of the Nominating Committee not be in Woods Hole at the time of the meeting, accommodations should be made so that they can participate by teleconference.

Vacancies. In the event a vacancy occurs on the Science Council within the period of a member’s term, the Science Council shall select one nominee from amongst the members of the specific constituency in which the vacancy has occurred for submission to the Speaker of the MBL Society. The Speaker, in turn, shall appoint that nominee, if acceptable, to serve as the representative of that constituency until the next regularly scheduled Council election. The MBL Society members shall then elect a representative at the next Annual MBL Society Meeting for that constituency position, either to complete any unexpired term or to a full three-year term. A one-year term to complete an unexpired term shall not count toward the “two consecutive terms” limit specified in the preceding paragraph.

Chairperson. The Science Council will elect a Chairperson annually with no term limits other than those imposed by Council membership. The term of the Chairperson commences on September 1st of the year of election, or immediately upon election thereafter, and runs through August 31st of the following year.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
November 5, 2005
Draft of Revisions as amended by Science Council July 2010