November 25, 2015

All MBL Services

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Rents scientific equipment and troubleshoots or repairs electronics, personal computers, and scientific equipment.

Aquatic Resources Division
For researchers who require live animals or seawater for research purposes. While investigators in residence at the Marine Biological Laboratory have priority to all organisms, shipments can also be made.

The Biological Bulletin
A journal for biologists published by the MBL since 1897.

Biosafety Committee
The MBL’s Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) reviews MBL research that involves recombinant DNA or materials requiring biosafety precautions.

Boating Club
The Boating Club represents the MBL community in the allocation and development of recreational boating facilities.

Central Microscopy Facility

Chemical Stockroom
Provides chemicals, laboratory supplies, and custom-made solutions.

Childcare and Activities
Summer Programs for Children offer activities for children of all ages.

Dining Services
Hours, menus, and options for dining at the MBL.

Diving Safety
A research diving program with an AAUS-compliant diving safety curriculum and a dive support facility.

Environmental Health and Safety
Responsible for occupational health and safety, radiation safety, chemical waste management, biosafety, environmental compliance, and related research safety programs.

Financial Services
For authorized users only.

General Use Rooms
Provides equipment such as balances, pH meters, centrifuges, cell disruption systems, spectrophotometers, gel scanner and analysis system, pipet puller, and PCR.

Maintains a variety of comfortable, attractive, and affordable housing units for students, faculty, and scientists.

Human Resources
Information about employment at the MBL for both current and prospective employees.

All research involving the use of vertebrate animals must have a protocol approved by the MBL Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before the research can begin.

Information Technology
Responsible for most aspects of computing and telephony at the MBL.

IT Help Desk
Services are most effectively requested from IT by using our online Helpdesk Request Form.

Instrument Development Laboratory
A fully equipped research machine shop facility.

Laboratory Animal Facility
Animal ordering and care are provided by two full-time technicians.

Mail Room/Shipping and Receiving
Responsible for all incoming and outgoing mail and shipments.

Marine Organism Supply

Marine Resources Center
Supplies local field-collected organisms to investigators, assigns tank space in Rowe, Loeb and MRC, coordinates holding of non-indigenous species, and offers aquaculture, water quality testing, and other services.

MBL Club
Since 1919 the MBL Club has served as a summer recreation center for the Woods Hole community.

MBL Stable Isotope Laboratory
Located at The Ecosystems Center on the campus of the Marine Biological Laboratory, we provide stable isotope services for research and industry.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Services
Meeting rooms, Auditoriums and Reception spaces can be reserved by email

Facility offers electron microscopy, light microscopy (including confocal), cameras, scanners, and a full range of expert support

The National Xenopus Resource
This facility serves as a national stock center for X. laevis and X. tropicalis as well as provide a training center for advanced technologies (e.g. husbandry, cell biology, imaging, genetics, transgenesis, genomics).

Notary Services
Get documents notarized on campus.

Parking / Shuttle Service
Devil’s Lane shuttle schedule and links to MBL Parking policies.

Make a secure online tuition or housing payment.


Provides telephone access codes, debit cards, fax services, and internet access.

Provides security services for the MBL community.

Sponsored Programs

Trades Services
Licensed craftsmen trained in satisfying the specialized requirements of laboratory space and services.

Veterinary Services
Responsible for the health of both aquatic and terrestrial species of animals held at the MBL.