Purchasing Organisms

Purchasing Procedures For Live Organisms

Organisms Purchased From Outside Commercial Vendors

The MBL will place all orders with vendors outside the MBL, for all live organisms required by in-residence scientific staff. To comply with federal grant guidelines and MBL policies pertaining to exotic species, the MBL has implemented the followingapproval requirements prior to placing order for all living organisms (animals; plants):

  • Vertebrates: If birds, amphibians, or mammals are being requested, those requests should be communicated to the animal care technician who will be responsible for filling out the Purchase Order (PO) and placing the orders. (An IACUC approved protocol is required before the technician can place any order).
  • If reptiles are being ordered, deliver the PO form to the MBL Veterinarian or the IACUC Chairperson to obtain the required IACUC approved protocol number and approved signature. The researcher can then deliver the approved PO to the Purchasing Department and the order will be placed.
  • Non-Vertebrates: Live non-vertebrate animals do not require an IACUC approved protocol to be ordered. PO forms must be delivered to the Superintendent of Marine Resources, or the MRC Director, to obtain the necessary signature.
  • Additionally, a copy of the PO (green copy) must be sent to the MRC secretary.

The veterinarian must be notified of the location of animal tanks and pens upon arrival of birds, amphibians and reptiles maintained in the Lillie, Whitman and Loeb laboratories.

In-house Organisms Collected by The Department of Marine Resources, Aquatic Resources Division (ARD)

To place an order for in-house organisms collected by the Department of Marine Resources, use the following procedures:

  • Scientific staff requesting to purchase live specimens collected by the ARD need to complete a specimen order card, which is available in the Marine Resources Specimen Shipping Office, (MRC 114).
  • Vertebrates: These animals require an approved IACUC protocol, thus an animal use protocol must FIRST be submitted to the IACUC Committee three (3) weeks before the first date of use of the specimens. When approved, information listing the approved protocol number and the total number and type of animals allowed on the protocol will be supplied to the ARD order department by the MBL Veterinarian or IACUC Chairperson. Only then can vertebrate animals be ordered and received from the ARD.
  • Non-Vertebrates: These animals do not require an IACUC approved protocol, thus simply leave the card in the Marine Resources Specimen Shipping Office, (MRC 114) and the order will be filled as requested.