MSDS Information

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a detailed fact sheet summarizing information about a chemical’s hazardous ingredients; health, physical and fire hazards; emergency procedures and first aid; chemical reactivity and incompatibilities; spill, leak and disposal procedures and protective measures required for safe handling and storage. The objective of an MSDS is to concisely inform you about the hazards of the materials you work with so that you can protect yourself and respond to emergency situations.

Please note! Principal Investigators, not EH&S, are responsible for maintaining MSDS sheets containing sheets for each chemical used in their lab. These MSDS’s must be available to employees at all times during their work shift. Employees should be made familiar with MSDS layout and the typical information contained within, please contact the EH&S office to schedule training for personnel unfamiliar with reading an MSDS. All laboratory staff should review MSDS information for each chemical they use BEFORE use…after an accident or release occurs is NOT the time to study the MSDS.

Below is a link to the most popular MSDS database. This link should be bookmarked on EVERY computer at MBL, employees should be familiar with its use. Employees MUST have access to these MSDSheets at ALL times.

Click here to access all of the MBL’s online Material Safety Data Sheets.

For applicable Environmental Health & Safety policies and information, contact the Environmental Health & Safety Manager at (508) 289-7424 or email: