November 29, 2015

Shipping Guide

Service Guide to MBL Shipping and Receiving
Same Day Shipping

All outgoing packages and letters (Fed Ex letters not to exceed 8oz.) should be brought to the Receiving Room (Lillie 11) properly labeled and ready to be shipped by:

  • 3:00 PM for UPS
  • 4:00 PM for Federal Express

Required Label Information

Name, Attention to, or Contact Person
Company, University, Institution, etc.
Street Address (No P.O. Box)
City or Town
State and Zip Code

Outbound Shipping Services

  • Federal Express
    Priority One – Next day AM delivery service to major cities and metropolitan areas. Not all locations serviced by 10:30 AM.
    Standard Overnight – Next day service to all areas. PM delivery.
    Two Day Economy – Example: out on Monday, arrive on Wednesday.
  • UPS
    Next Day Air Service – Delivery by Noon.
    Second Day Air Service – Delivery by second business day.
    Ground Service – 3 to 5 day delivery, depending on location.
  • InternationalRequires special attention – See S/R personnel


UPS and Federal Express provide automatic coverage for the first $100. Insurance exceeding $100 is offered at a minimal additional cost.

Payment Methods

  • Charge to: MBL cost center, Grant Number or A/R personal account
  • Bill Recipient: phone#, acct#
  • Bill 3rd Party: phone#, acct#


Packages arrive at various times throughout the day. UPS, Federal Express and AirBorne Express generally deliver from 11:30 AM on. Package delivery efficiency dramatically improves if your name, room number, building name, or telephone extention is on the label. S/R will save time, and you will receive your items sooner when proper information is provided.

Note: It is imperative that forwarding instructions are provided to S/R personnel prior to your departure from MBL. Without this information, items may be disposed of after 60 days.