Plum Island Field Trip, 2016. Credit: K. Foreman

Plum Island Field Trip, 2016. Credit: K. Foreman

SES Course Dates

The Semester in Environmental Science is a 15-week semester course run annually in the fall. For 2018, the course will run from Sunday, September 2nd to Tuesday, December 18th, 2018.

Eligibility and Costs

SES accepts students from any college or university in different ways depending on their affiliation. The total estimated cost for 2018 is $31,373 including tuition ($22,973), room and board ($7,500), and book and lab fees ($900).

At many colleges and universities financial aid can be used for the SES. Supplemental financial aid may be available from the MBL if need can be documented.

1) Students attending affiliated institutions receive credit directly through their institution. More than fifty colleges and universities have approved the SES for credit. View participating colleges here.

2) University of Chicago undergraduate students may attend SES directly through their course offerings. These courses are Ecology (BIOS 27710), Biogeochemical Analysis in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems (BIOS 27711), Independent Undergraduate Research in Environmental Sciences (BIOS 27712) and one elective either Quantitative Environmental Analyses (BIOS 27713) or Methods in Microbial Ecology (BIOS 27714). More information can be found on the UChicago SES site.

3) Students from non-affiliated colleges and universities are welcome to participate in the SES. In most cases, credit approval may be available from their own college and can be worked out between the student and the academic office.

How to Apply

SES is not currently accepting applications for Fall 2018. It will reopen in September 2018 for Fall 2019. Application deadline for Fall 2019 is March 20, 2019.

Required materials to complete the application:

• Completed application and information forms
• Two letters of recommendation
• Official transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended

Apply online here. If you cannot access the online application or have problems or questions about applying online, please contact and we will reply promptly.

If you have already downloaded the previous Word or PDF version of the SES application and filled it out, then email it to or send the hard copy via the postal service to: Semester in Environmental Science, 7 MBL St, Woods Hole, MA 02543-1015.