Chicago Fellowships


Up to four fellows will be selected to spend an additional four days in Chicago after participating in their Hands-On Course in Woods Hole. The Chicago Fellows will attend the Science of Innovation Summit for Journalists, to be held at the University of Chicago on Oct. 28-31, 2018. The Science of Innovation Summit exposes participating journalists to the inventions likely to positively impact human life and our planet a decade from now. Such advances and discoveries include advanced batteries, quantum computing, immunotherapies, microbiome-based treatments, precision medicine, and renewable fuels, among others. Participants take part in designing the agenda for the summit.

Financial support for Chicago Fellowships includes travel to and from Chicago, hotel, meals, and all costs of participating in the Science of Innovation Summit.

If you wish to apply for a Chicago Fellowship, please (1) fill out the online application for either the Biomedical Hands-On Course or the Environmental Hands-On Course (2) include with your Required Supporting Documentation the statement requested in Question 4.

The Science of Innovation Summit is hosted by the Office of Research, Innovation and National Laboratories and the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The University of Chicago.